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this is the international website of mix engineer Larry Fricke and his outstanding mixing and mastering service.
as a well established mix engineer in germany more and more international clients benefit from a very fair-priced mixing incl. mastering service without any compromise in soundquality, coming from usa, uk, irland, india, switzerland, france, austria, poland, germany...
having the talent and sense to deliver a great mix, the special mix technique of combining the finest digital and analog equipment gets you the wellknown analog-sound of top mixing engineers, BUT at a fraction of the cost of "big console"studios.
here you will get a mix that brings out the intent, energy and emotion of the song. no matter the genre - rock, alternative, mainstream, pop, hip hop, R&B, country or electronic

mix/mastering engineer Larry Fricke comes with far more than 10 years of professional mixing and mastering experience and over 25 years of musical backround, including 5 years professional piano and 3 years singing lessons. after recording and producing countless artists and bands he found that concentrating and specialising on one part of the productionprocess and sharing the work with a team of same enthusiastic and expirienced people is the only way for treating great music the way it deserves.
thanks to technical evolution this is now affordable to everyone

you just send your song files via mail (fedex etc.) or upload it on a special ftp-server. after mixing you will get mp3 files for listening.y
ou also get the ability of instant recall. after listening to the mixes changes can be done in minutes! your project will be stored for at least 2 months, and at any time during that period changes can be done. the final master CD will be send back via mail or as download on the server.
ps: in urgent cases mixing can be done very fast (with extra charge!)

next steps?
just listen!! and ask your own ears - ask for the demo CD - get one first song mixed for a special rate.

why do some guys hate mix-box?
speaking the truth: a great mixed song does not need an extensive or any mastering process. every professional will agree to that. thats why mix-box offers a mastering-inclusive-service with the same high quality of our mastering studio

ps: "i spend a lot of time explaining the difference between mixing and mastering. the word "mastering" still has an extrem overrated hype. many people think by sending poorly-made mixes to the top-mastering-studio will make it sound great. that does not work! mastering can not nearly improve emotional and energetic aspects of music like a great mix can. but this is the part that music is all about,... if you want people to get connected to your music emotionally "

LION TREE - NEW DAY.acoustic session @ mix-box



mixing and mastering studio,  mixing engineer
you can contact me via email:

or phone:
+49 6021 4049820
+49 175 25109980

... if you speak german
you can also go to my german

mixing & mastering studio site

why can I do offer this service at a affordable price

  • i use a highly efficient system that i evolved over the last years. its much more cost-effective while still employing the same highend outboard equipment as the top mix engineers, like Neve, SSL, API, Audient, Chandler, Teletronix, Universal Audio (Urei), Trident, Summit Audio, SPL, Euphonix, etc.
  • my electricity bill and the rent for the studio location is far lower then "big console"-studios
  • i (You) do not have to pay an assistent and a managment
  • because a great mix does not need an extensive mastering process, i offer a mastering-inclusive-service with the same high quality of our mastering studio
  • i do not (yet!) have clients with minimum 10 million selling nr.1 hit records like Andy Wallace, Bob Clearmountain, Tony Maserati, Tom and Chris Lord-Alge, Michael Brauer, Rich Costey, Tony Maserati etc... thats also some kind of luck ...of course, with a famous mix engineer you pay not only for the very good work, you pay mostly for the name (or rather there are enough clients who are willing to pay these prices for the name on their record). Although i dont have a nr. 1 hit client, I can still accomplish comparable results. So its all about listen and make up your own opinion.
  • i love the creative process of mixing good songs so much that i would do it for free, were it not for the fact that I need something to eat occasionally and a dry place to sleep! :-)


"The mix is brilliant, all the band are really happy with it and i also gave a few friends a listen and they were blown away...To be honest larry we are all more than delighted with this mix and it is better than we imagined,....." Colin
Goldfish Syndrome

"have to say it again , best mix ever, rock on."
"its amazing , ....., writing is one thing but mixing is an art in itself
and you have it 10 fold its better and better thank you, what a mix and great editing"

"wow Larry! absouloutly fantasic!!!!!!! love the bass, so much power in the low end and it's just a brilliant mix :-)
I don't think we have ever have achieved it without you. The sound of the strings sounds awesome and fat!! and we really love the effects on the vocals aswell. To be honest with you, there isn't anything that I listened to and didn't like! you truly deserve a Grammy for the work you did on that!!! ...
We are very honoured to have you turn our track into something wonderful.
Kind regards,
Victoria, Mo and Rudy"
london, U.K.

 "Hi Larry, thanks again for your know-how and your patience. You just hit our picture of sound directly and it just sounds fat!! You know that i was already in some of the big studios (Record One and Ocean Way, Los Angeles), but with your work i am the happiest man. the "BIG SOUND" is just running through your vains ;-). see you on next session ..."
Jacky Voutay
Force Trankill

"...., and by the way, thanks for all your dedication and hard work you have given us. I tell you man, this has been a dream for me since I was very young, ........ to accomplish this dream of creating music for the public ear, and I do have to say, you are a great contributor for making me continue to sacrifice for the music. Thanks a lot, Larry!!"
James Greer

"Hi Larry, Thank you very much ! I listen to your mix 4 times (2 times through my
alesis MK2 and 2 times through my beyer DT770 headphones)and yes your mix is
more dynamic and it is more detailled....Talk to you soon ...for the next job!
Thanks a lot again"